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Dr Terry Quinn

Terry holds the post of Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Physician in Stroke. Terry has a broad research portfolio, his principal research interests are around trial methodology, functional assessment and neuropsychological consequences of cardiovascular disease.

Terry has published extensively on topics relating to stroke, cognition and test accuracy and has authored original research, opinion pieces and editorials for journals such as British Medical Journal; Journal of the American Medical Association and New England Journal of Medicine.

He is Principal Investigator for a number of studies and holds the inaugural CSO/Stroke Association priority program grant for his research into cognitive outcomes following stroke. 

Terry is passionate about evidence based practice and has worked to raise standards in clinical research involving older adults. He holds editorial board positions with various journals, he is coordinating editor for the Cochrane Dementia Group; member of the Dementia Platforms UK vascular theme and part of the NIHR Complex Reviews Support Unit.

Communicating science is a particular strength and in his role working with patient, carers and lay public, as lead for the Scottish Stroke Research Network he has initiated a number of schemes around research dissemination and involvement. As clinical member of the Scottish Parliament Cross Party Group on Heart Disease and Stroke and advisor to Healthcare Improvement Scotland, Terry has ensured that research results inform policy. A recent example is his role as medical advisor to the National report on atrial fibrillation.

Terry combines his research portfolio with active teaching and clinical commitments in the stroke units of the major Glasgow hospitals.

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Fraser Sneden

Fraser is a PhD student within the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences at the University of Glasgow. He is working on data from the XILO-FIST clinical trial, a study which investigates the affect of allopurinol on long-term outcomes following ischaemic stroke.

Fraser is interested in exploring the relationship between carotid artery structure, brain structure and cognition in ischaemic stroke, and developing an automated tool that will estimate vascular parameters of carotid structure including stenosis.


Additionally, he aims to investigate any effects allopurinol has on carotid artery structure, including percentage of stenosis and intima-media thickness