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Free online brain health course launches

Our new open online course has now landed on the FutureLearn Platform.

A shot taken from one of the course videos, with Prof Craig Ritchie guiding viewers through key features of a brain scan

Understanding Brain Health: Preventing Dementia is a four week course, free and open to absolutely everyone. The course introduces key brain health concepts in research, clinical practice and day-to-day life, starting at the very beginning with with no prior knowledge necessary.

FutureLearn courses are specifically designed to be social and engaging experiences. This new course provides short videos, articles and quizzes covering the most up-to-date knowledge on many topics relevant to brain health and builds in plenty of opportunity for reflection and productive discussion with fellow learners.

Each week explores a different theme related to brain health and features contributions from world-leading researchers and members of Alzheimer's Associations from around the globe.

Week 1 Brain biology – introduces how healthy brain cells communicate with each other and how these processes become disturbed in neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

Week 2 Risk factors – considers evidence for a variety of factors that can contribute to increase or decrease risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases.

Week 3 Brain research – examines how major research initiatives are expanding our knowledge of early disease processes and how clinical trials can use this data to develop more effective treatments

Week 4 Global movement – describes how healthcare systems around the world must evolve to prioritise risk profiling and targeting early detection of disease to pave the way for prevention.

Join us and register now for the first course run, starting 29th March 2021. To find out more visit the course homepage on FutureLearn
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