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The inaugural Brain Health Conference was held in Edinburgh 16th-17th June.

Click on the presentation titles below to view slides from each session. 


Risk Factors for Brain Health 

Risk Factor Prevalence

Sarah Gregory


Medical Comorbidity and Brain Health

Bernadette McGuinness


Social Isolation, COVID and the Modern World

Annalena Venneri

Head injury

Vanessa Raymont

Head injury and Domestic Abuse

Sara da Silva Ramos

Sleep -  The Key to Brain Health?

Liz Coulthard

Hearing Loss and Dementia

Meher Lad

The Science Behind

Early Detection

Day 2 Opening

Craig Ritchie

Imaging Findings from PREVENT, EPAD and BioBank

Ludovica Griffanti

Wet Lab Biomarkers

Henrik Zetterberg

Genetics and Epigenetics of Alzheimer’s Disease

Robert Hillary

Risk Factor Modification 

Keynote Speaker

Risk Disclosure:

To Tell or Not to Tell

Risk Disclosure in MCI: An Overview

Stina Saunders

First Do No Harm

Leonie Zisser

Around the Country:

Latest Developments

Brain Health Scotland

Craig Ritchie

Manchester and the Northwest

Ross Dunne

Newport and Wales

Marc Edwards

Belfast and Northern Ireland

Bernadette McGuinness

Bristol and the South West

Liz Coulthard

Oxford and the TRC-D
Clare Mackay

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